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Ocean World, the Bulk Carrier on Sea Trial
Name admin Date 2010-02-08
Ocean World, the first bulk carrier constructed by Orient Shipyard Co., LTD., safely finished sea trials prior to its delivery.
Ocean World is one of the three 33,000 DWT Bulk Carriers ordered by Sunwoo ST Co., LTD. and is waiting to be delivered to the ship-owner company after safely completing sea trials off the coast of Incheon and Ulsan.

Ocean World has an overall length of 178.90m, breadth of 28.80m, depth of 14.20m, fully loaded draft of 9.80m, and has an engine with a maximum output of 8,810 horse power. The total capacity of five box-shaped cargo holds of DWT 33,300 is about 43,000㎡, and the cargo holds are wrapped by the upper side fuel tank and the side and double bottom ballast tanks. This ship has four cranes able to lift 30 tons of cargo, which makes it possible to handle cargo at ports where cargo handling equipment is not available. This is a handy-sized bulk carrier that can be operated anywhere in the world regardless of the ports, canals and sea routes.
Ocean World will be delivered to the ship owner on the 20th of the month and will be put into freight service.